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Yuba Yuba Kombi E5, Orange
The Kombi, in its electric version. The Kombi E5 offers an ideal and practical format, which adapts to all needs and budgets. The model for city dwellers who want to try the cargo adventure, but with a smooth ride! Equipped with two 24? wheels and a strong chromoly steel fork, the Kombi rides in style. Its hydraulic disc brakes help instill confidence when coming to a stop under load, and the 9-speed system allows for a wide range of gears to choose from based on the terrain and cargo onboard. Capable of carrying up to 440 lbs, the Kombi E5 stacks right up against the rest of the Yuba family. Powered by a Shimano STEPS E5000 motor and a 418 Wh battery it can easily accompany any urbanites through their daily adventures. Thanks to easy handling, it will surprise you with its sturdiness and its manoeuvrability in urban environments.
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