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Frequently Asked Questions - The Bike Doctor

Here are some of the more common questions we've received. This page will be updated as people get in contact with us about different things, so check back frequently! 

Q: Are you open during the pandemic?
A: Yes. Thanks in part to the new open layout, as well as our social distancing and sanitation procedures, we have been able to safely remain open during the health crisis of COVID-19. We've even maintained the same business hours as before. We are open seven days a week, 11-7 weekdays, and 10-6 weekends.

The Bike Doctor Storefront

Q: Are you the same store? 
A: We are! We are located at the same 137 West Broadway address that the Bike Doctor has been at for years. While we are working hard to renovate and improve the store interior, we are sure that anyone who's been to the Bike Doctor before will feel right at home!

One top of that, we carry the same types of bikes and accessories, have the same web address and email addresses, and even most of the same staff!

Q: I was upset to see the Bike Doctor close down. Now you are saying you’re back. What happened?
A: We, the staff, were as sad as anyone to see the Bike Doctor close its doors about a year ago. This fall, space became available again. Since then, the former staff has poured their time and effort into setting the business back up, as well as getting the products and bikes in that everyone knew and loved. 

We are back, the Bike Doctor is back, and we couldn’t be happier! 

Q: Are you going to close again? 
No! We certainly hope not! The Bike Doctor only closed originally due to Paul Bogaert retiring. The store was very successful, and it was actually having its strongest year to date when it closed a year ago. The new owner is decades away from retirement, and we are planning not only to bring the store back, but also put a structure in place to keep the store, and business, around for many years to come.

Of course, no business can survive without customers, so we are counting on people like you to help make sure we can stay open and thrive like before!
Here’s to another twenty-five years! 

Q: What happened to the original owner? 
The last we heard, Paul had come back, or was just coming back, from a year long bike touring trip around the world with his wife. Hopefully he’s still enjoying his retirement. He’s earned it! 

Update: Paul has returned to Vancouver. He even stops by the store from time to time to help out!

Q: Are you the same staff? 
Yes! Mostly. We did our best to bring back the former staff that we could. Obviously in the year since the Bike Doctor originally closed many of our colleagues have moved on to other things, but we are pleased to say that the majority of the staff on opening day will be people that worked at the Bike Doctor before. We are also confident that you will become as endeared to the new faces as you were with the original staff.

Q: Do you have the same items for sale? 
As best as we could manage! The Bike Doctor originally had, over twenty five years, amassed a collected items. Obviously that we can’t recreate that from the get-go, but we have made sure to carry as many of the brands and accessories that our customers expect. We are confident that you will find that the store has the same ability to offer a wide choice of items to fit anyone's needs.

Here are just some of everyone's favourite brands we will stock:

Norco Bikes

Norco Bikes

ABUS Locks / Kryptonite Locks

Abus and Kryptonite Locks

Ortlieb Bike Bags

Ortlieb Bags

Q: What about the website? 
We are very excited to be bringing along a brand new website right here at We know a lot of the sections are coming soon, but we can’t wait to show you the new online storefront where you can purchase all your favourite bikes and accessories from us, from the comfort of your home!

Q: If I bought something from the Bike Doctor before, or had service done, will you have me in your system? 
A: Yes! We are the same Bike Doctor, and we have all that same information. If you need us to look something up for any reason, we have that data here.

Q: When will the store be open? 
We are opening on March 5th! Keep your eyes open for more information about the promotions we will have during the grand opening.
We encourage everyone to come down, we can’t wait to see you again!

If you have any other questions, please contact us either at, or give us a call at 604-873-2453. We'd love to hear from you as we prepare to open the store!