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A bit about Yuba.

Everything Yuba does is to help change the way people commute while carrying gear, humans, pets and more. Yuba exists to limit environmental degradation by making distinct, active, boundary-pushing, mobility solutions. We strive to create a cleaner, more equitable and inspiring new world. 

14 years of experience solely focused on the cargo bicycle category, Yuba Bicycles designs and manufactures award-winning, premium bicycles and accessories, and is considered a global leader in its niche.

Which is the best cargo bike for me?

Joining the cargo bike lifestyle can positively change quite a few things: the way you commute, run errands, work out, connect with family and friends, or even run your business. 

Find the cargo bike that fits your needs by clicking here. All of Yuba’s cargo bikes are designed to get you and your precious cargo around safely, sustainably and with a lot of fun.

Get In Touch To Order Your Perfect Yuba!

Yuba Cargo Bikes are the ultimate bike to replace a vehicle or enhance your riding capabilities, designed with loads of cargo space. These bikes are designed with lots of room for your kids, groceries, activities, and more. As a proud Yuba carrier, we can custom order any available Yuba to your liking. Send us an email if you are interested or have any questions. We would be happy to assist.