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Axiom Flascheguard
$79.99 - $84.99
FLASCHEGUARD™ Bikes have changed, and so should fenders! We threw traditional fender blueprints out the window and designed fenders that solve real problems and are as close to ‘fit-everything’ as possible. FLASCHEGUARD™ fenders are made from end-of-life water cooler bottles and use up to 75% less crude oil than virgin polycarbonate. For every tonne of FLASCHEGUARD™ material produced, almost a tonne of CO2 emissions is avoided, and end of life plastic is kept out of landfills or incinerators. And because we’re trying to make every difference that we can, all of our stays are made from 100% recycled stainless steel. From a design side, the attractive matte finish has the look of alloy fenders, but none of the drawbacks. Dramatically increased length solves the problems of your feet getting wet up front, and your gear (and your riding partner) getting wet out back. Each set of fenders includes our proprietary AXLERUNNER™ and FRAMERUNNER™ mounts, and an expanded hardware assortment to ensure you will be able to fit fenders to almost any bicycle, even if your bike has disc brakes, suspension forks, or simply wasn’t designed with provisions for fenders. Construction: • FLASCHEGUARD™ recycled polycarbonate inner layer created from end-of-life water cooler bottles • 3.2 mm 100% Recycled stainless steel support stays • Stainless steel hardware Mounting System: • FRAMERUNNERS™ mounts (x2) for use on suspension forks, aero forks, forks with disc brakes, forks without eyelets, or almost any other area where eyelets do not exist • AXLERUNNERS™ (x2) for use on quick-release frames and forks without eyelets • Spacers (5 mm x 6 / 10 mm x 3) for fine-tuning of bikes with disc brakes and eyelets, and for bridge height adjustment on frames with vertical mounting hole • Mount to seat stay bridge and fork crown via included assortment of bolts and nuts, or use included zip-ties to fasten via the slotted bridge clamp • Expanded selection of stainless steel mounting bolt lengths Features • Matte finish has the look of alloy, but won’t dent or bend, and has a more durable finish • FLASCHEGUARD™ material retains all the strength and durability characteristics of regular polycarbonate • Glossy inner layer finish resists dirt and grime build-up • Extended fender lengths and duckbill mud flaps* keep feet dry, and eliminate rear spray • 3 M triangle rear logos enhance visibility • Support stays spaced for maximum stiffness and frame compatibility • Stays can be bent to accommodate unique mounting configurations • Front fender equipped with safety stays to protect against objects becoming lodged in wheel • Compatible with most Disc-Brake-equipped bikes • Compatible with most Thru-Axle-equipped bikes • Compatible with a wide range of suspension forks • Wide range of tire compatibility • Profile designed for optimal tire clearance • Sold pre-assembled for quick mounting • Lifetime warranty 700/41 - Range: 700C x 23-30 mm / 27 x 1 - 1-¹/8” / 28 x 0.9 - 1.20” 700/50 - Range: 700C x 32-40 mm / 27 x 1-¹/4 - 1-¹/2” / 28 x 1.25 - 1.50” 700/60 - Range: 700C x 42 - 50 mm / 29 x 1.5 - 2.0” / 650B x 47 - 50 mm Knobby 26/60 - Range: 26 x 1.5 - 2.0” / 650B x 32 - 47 mm Smooth 27.5/70 - Range: 27.5 x 2.1 - 2.35” 29/70 - Range: 29 x 2.1 - 2.35”
ABUS Ultra 410 U-Lock (9-inch) + Cobra Cable
Featuring a simple, strong, and aggressive design, ABUS' Ultra 410 is the ideal entry-level U-lock. It's simple design conceals a number of high-tech advancements in security. The addition of the Cobra Cable adds security and versatility. The 12mm double-bolting, temper-hardened steel shackle extends all the way through the lock body, providing excellent protection against cutting and torsion attacks in a simple yet innovative design. • Innovative soft-touch housing cover prevents damage to paint • Pass-through shackle provides anti-twist protection • Easy-to-mount SH 34 bracket mounts easily to frames with a 24-35mm diameter • Double-layered cylinder with special wafers and additional decoy cuttings protects against picking • Mechanism Type: Key • Diameter: 12 mm • Shackle Shape: Round • Shackle Height: 230 mm • Shackle Width Inner: 11.8 cm • 2 keys are supplied with the lock
 Bike Doctor Commuter Package
$175.99 $276.96 36% Off
The Bike Doctor Commuter Package Our commuter package is a convenient option for new bikes to get high quality accessories at a great price, installed for FREE with purchase of a new bike. INCLUDES: Axiom Journey Rack - Light rugged aluminum, Total weight of 700g - 50kg to 70kg load capacity (Depending on bike) - Double welded for extra strength Axiom Premium Flascheguard Fender Set - Made from recycled stainless steel and polycarbonate from end of life water cooler bottoles - Stainless steel hardware - Support stays spaced for maximum stiffness - Front fenders equipped with safety stays to protect against objects becoming lodged in wheel Abus 410 U-Lock - 12mm double-bolting, temper hardened steel shackle - Pass-through shackle with ant-twist protection - Sliding mount to bike frame - 2 keys supplied with each lock
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