Nuvinvi N360 Hub

Nuvinvi N360 Hub

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Fallbrook Technologies offers an interesting rear hub system under the name NuVinci� N360�. This hub uses a Continuously Variable Planetary (CVP) transmission to drive the wheel. Internal transmission systems have been on the market from other manufacturers in systems offering from 2 speeds to 10 speeds for almost a century. Traditional internal gear systems rely on a planetary gear system of tooth rings and gears. Planetary gear systems produce distinct gear ratios as the rider shifts up and down the gear system. The CVP system of the NuVinci� N360� does not produce these distinct changes. The gear ratios seem to �slide� as you turn the shifter grip. Consider this system to be the slide trombone of the shifting orchestra, or if you prefer, the whammy-bar. It is difficult to describe without actually riding it, but especially the novice rider will immediately understand how it is to be used. Directions for use are simple: Ride bike, twist shift, be happy.

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