Norco Indie IGH A11 Belt CDX 2018 Bike

Norco Indie IGH A11 Belt CDX 2018 Bike


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City streets are filled with unexpected obstacles, such as potholes, railway tracks and construction zones, that conspire to upset your ride at any moment. The Indie is designed to help modern cyclists navigate unexpected situations that otherwise make cycling in the city so exciting. Available in a variety of colours, every Indie looks right at home on the streets and delivers a fast, efficient and comfortable ride.

A Belt drive with a Shimano hub makes a simple and easy to use system. Combined with a pair of Deore hydrualic brakes, braking will never be a problem in rain or shine. With space for wide tires that can take cruising or studded tires in a variety of sizes, this is a bike that can be ready for any weather and almost every terrain you can throw at it. A perfect bike that can be adapted from the Winter Snow to the cool Summer breeze, or even the rocky trails to the long touring pathways. Add fenders and racks, this is the bike that you can ride every day, from home to work, or that long lost trail, you will never feel our of place with this on your side.

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