Kryptonite Ny Noose 1213 W/Ev Series 4 Disc Lock 12Mm X 130Cm

Kryptonite Ny Noose 1213 W/Ev Series 4 Disc Lock 12Mm X 130Cm


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Six-sided (12mm) hexagonal chain links made with High-Performance steel for superior strength
Cinch-loop design enables effective lock up with less length of chain
2 sizes to choose 2�-4� & 4�-3� length to work on a variety of lock-up situations.
Unique shape of chain defies bolt cutters saws chisels hammers and files
Weatherproof protective nylon covering allows compact coiling for easier carrying
Evolution series 4 Disc Lock
Hardened (14mm) High-Performance steel shackle defies bolt cutters saws hammers and chisels for superior security
Patented oval crossbar now reinforced with additional steel
Integrated sliding dustcover protects cylinder
Double deadbolt locking mechanism for extensive holding power
Centre keyway location deters leverage attacks
NEW Patent-Pending Hybrid cylinder design provides higher levels of defense against picking while increasing its ease of use when locking and unlocking (running change)
NEW key fob design (running change)
3 keys included (2) NEW ergonomic �I� keys and 1 lit with high intensity bulb with replaceable battery feature
$3250 (USD) Anti-Theft Protection offer available in the USA(*) and Canada
Vinyl coated and weatherproof
Lifetime Key Registration & Key Replacement Service available- Key Safe program

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