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49°N Formfit Ergo 142 - Memory Foam Saddle
Cutting edge NASA-derived memory foam technology combines with a modern, ergonomic design for the ultimate in saddle fit and comfort! - Comfort Plus temperature-sensitive memory-foam upper inserts adapt perfectly to your body form whilst the sit bone-positioned low-density base inserts form an effective barrier between surface and rider, dissipating shocks and reducing peak pressure. - Ergo cut-out completely removes all material around the soft tissue area to help alleviate localized pressure and reduce pain and numbness for both male and female riders alike. - 143mm width is suited to slightly more aggressive riding positions a forward/front weight bias (Road/XC). - Construction: Nylon base w/ Hi-Ten steel rails & synthetic weatherproof upper - Dimensions: L 272 x W 142mm - Weight: 312g
49°N Formfit Sport Memory Foam Saddle Cover
The affordable way to increase the level of padding of your existing saddle and raise comfort levels thanks to some innovative NASA-derived memory-foam technology! - Temperature-sensitive memory-foam padding forms perfectly to your body shape, ensuring perfect, constant adherence and maximum comfort - Ergonomic dropped central channel helps relieve pressure from the sensitive soft tissue area, preventing pain and numbness - Quick & easy installation - slips over existing saddle and secures via an adjustable drawstring fastening - Lycra stretch-fit construction with elasticated sides and a non-slip grippy inner surface helps keep the cover in position - Fits regular/narrower road & MTB saddles from approx. 130 - 160mm width - Dimension: L 275 x 195mm - Weight: 215g
49°N Perch Curved 142 Saddle
A shallow, gently curved saddle that favors a more neutral riding position with a 50/50 weight distribution between the saddle and handlebars (handlebars at a similar/slightly lower height than the saddle). - A great all-arounder and suitable for a bit of everything from Endurance Road/Gravel/Adventure, through to MTB and even fast urban duties effective on both dropbar and flatbar setups - Mid-level padding can be ridden with or without a chamois/padded short - Strategically placed base cutout allows for localized flex around the sensitive perineum area, which, when combined with the extended relief channel on the upper, create an effective combo to help to alleviate pressure and keep the blood flowing - Construction: Synthetic weatherproof upper, Nylon base w/ Hi-Ten steel rails - Dimensions: L 277 x W 142mm - Weight: 303g
49°N Perch Kids 130Mm Saddle
The same great features and construction as found on our adult saddles but in a scaled down package that's perfectly sized for the stars of the future! - Generous padding and a subtly curved neutral shape makes this saddle a great all-arounder and suitable for all applications - Ships with a traditional saddle clamp (7/8 fit) for dual compatibility with both older/traditional seatposts without an integrated clamp and newer seatposts with a built-in clamp (remove as necessary) - Molded front & rear edge guard helps to protect the saddle from the inevitable bumps and scuffs that go hand-in-hand with kids bikes and ensures that there are no sharp edges - Construction: Synthetic weatherproof upper, Nylon base w/ Hi-Ten steel rails - Dimensions: L 210 x W 130mm - Weight: 253g (excl. saddle clamp)
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