Scrap-it & Save $850

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Save $850 on a New E-bike When You Scrap Your Car

What is Scrap-It?

The BC Scrap-It Program gives you a $850 rebate on a brand new electric bicycle when you voluntary retire your car early.

The program provides incentives to help British Columbians replace higher polluting cars with cleaner forms of transportation. All scrapped vehicles and their components are permanently and properly recycled.

Scrap Your Car, Get $850 in Savings on Your Next e-Bike Purchase 

How do I get my $750?

It's easy. Simply, download the Scrap-It Incentive Package HERE and follow these steps:

  • Apply
  • Retire your clunker / any model year
  • Buy your electric bike from Bike Doctor & GET a $100 Instant Discount up-front
  • Send your receipt to BC Scrap-it who then reimburse you $750

Who is Scrap-It?

The B.C. Scrap-It Society ( is a volunteer not-for-profit that has successfully scrapped more than 41,984 cars since the program started in 1996.

Why scrap my older vehicle?

It's kinda a no-brainer. Lots of cars were built before tougher exhaust regulations were introduced, and generally these models produce about 19 times more air pollutants than newer cars. So replacing your car is what BC Scrap-It is all about and replacing your car with a new bicycle is even better!

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