Measuring Saddle Height

A properly adjusted saddle will help to minimize discomfort and maximize pedaling efficiency. There are 3 ways of adjusting a saddle:

Saddle Height

If the saddle is too low it will put stress on your knees, if it is too high you may experience increased rub on the saddle. It is common for those new to cycling to set the saddle height low so that it makes getting their feet to the ground easier, and therefore increasing confidence. However, this will actually make cycling harder, and with a little practice riding with the saddle at the correct height, cycling will be easy and enjoyable.

To make sure your saddle is at the right height for you, you can either ask a friend to help you, or lean your bike against a wall, and while sitting on the saddle place both feet on the pedals. Pedal backwards until one foot is at the 12 o'clock position and the other is at the 6 o'clock position - the leg in the 6 o'clock position should be fully extended, if it is bent you will need to raise the saddle.

Another way to find out your saddle height is to measure your inseam and select your length from the drop down below. The result in inches will be the correct saddle height for your leg length.

My Inseam Is

Chart HERE

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Saddle Fore / Aft Position

This position determines your body position and balance on the bike, this in turn will dictate how comfortable you are on you bike.

If the saddle is too far back on it's rail you will start to get back pain due to over reaching, however if the saddle is too far forward you will not get the maximum leverage.

 Saddle Rail - How To Fit Your Saddle Part 2

To check that the saddle is in the right position on the rail, take your elbow and place it on the nose (the thin part at the front) of the saddle. Placing you hand flat, lower your fingers to the handlebar stem, with your elbow touching the saddle your fingers should now be touching the Allen key bolt on the stem, this indicates that the saddle is in the correct position.

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 Saddle Tilt

If the nose of the saddle is tilted too far forward you will find that you slide to the narrower part of the saddle, this puts strain on your arms and shoulders as you try to push yourself back onto the saddle. If the saddle is tilted up too far, you will experience discomfort in the groin. The ideal pitch of the saddle should be parallel to the ground, although some minor tweaks and experimentation will be required for each individual to find their comfort zone.

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When adjusting your saddle, every individual will have their own preference as to how they position the seat. This will differ depending on body type and riding style, and which position you like to be in when sitting on the bike. Experiment with different set-ups until you find one that is right for you, and once you do find it you cycling experience will be even better.