60 Day Complete Warranty Adjustment

When you buy a bike at Bike Doctor, your purchase includes the following free and helpful services:

A) Complete Warranty Adjustment

For the Safe operation, best performance and durability of your bike you are requested to bring your new bike in for a Complete Warranty Adjustment.

Similar to a thorough Tune-Up, any cable stretch, spoke tension, adjustments to gears and brakes and tightening all parts will be completed. Importantly, your bicycle warranty may be void if you do not get this Complete Warranty Adjustment which is worth about $70 and is FREE so make your appointment now at with a Service Appointment.

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B) One Year Free Service

We will adjust brakes, gears, hubs, bottom bracket, pedals, and headset for up to one year from dates of purchase free of charge. Any problem stemming from normal use will be adjusted by us while you wait in most cases and at no charge.

C) Comfort & Fit Adjustments

These are fast and free in most cases. You may need to get that seat angle and height just right, tilt your handlebars, set your brake levers for small hands, etc. New pieces are also available if wanted to further enhance your cycling. Come in and ask us for assistance. We can customize your riding position for maximum comfort, performance and safety.

D) Upgrade & Accessorize Your Bike

Accessories purchased at the time of your initial 2-month Complete Warranty Adjustment are eligible for a 5% discount on the parts plus you save big with free installation! save extra with free labour and have it work better.