Here's 10 Reasons to Bike as a Family

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If you are looking for a few reasons to go cycling as a family, look no further!

1. Biking together strengthens your bond as a family. When last did your family do something fun together? Biking as a family is the ideal opportunity to have some meaningful conversations, laugh together and simply admire the scenery together as you cycle by.

    2. Biking increases your family’s fitness. In these modern and sedentary times, we need to make time to keep fit and what better way than to do it in a fun way that everyone will enjoy?
        3. A bike ride improves everyone’s overall mood. We spend too much time indoors today which is why getting out there, away from screens and climate-controlled settings can do wonders for our moods!
            4. Biking can relieve stress. Simply exercising for half and hour can produce enough of the “feel good” hormones (otherwise known as endorphins) to relieve mild stress and make you feel much better about your problems.
                5. Biking around town is a free activity! So many activities these days are extremely costly. However, biking around your local community is completely free of charge and loads of fun.
                    6. You are introducing your kids to a healthy activity at a young age. If you make regular bike rides an enjoyable habit at a young age, your kids will be more likely to want to continue with this healthy activity later on in life.
                        7. The whole family is having wholesome fun in the fresh air! Forget TV programs and movies or dining at restaurants which only pack on the calories- biking together as a family is far more healthier.
                            8. It is a great opportunity to get to know your local area. New to your town or do you simply want to explore what your local area has to offer? Why not do it by bicycle?
                                9. Biking can help you to lose weight. If you or your family have been eating high-calorie foods and not exercising enough over the years, regularly biking together can help you to lose those extra pounds.

                                    10. Cyclists breathe in less pollution than car passengers and drivers. It is a known fact that cyclists breathe in less pollution than car passengers and drivers!

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