New Bag Designs for Bikepacking from Ortlieb

Hi everyone, our favourite German Bike Bag Company has just come out with some new bag designs for bikepacking, and although you may read this blog post as shameless Ortlieb promotion, don't worry, we freely admit that it is however there are some golden nuggets that keeners will find quite valuable -- so bear with us as we go through some specs and prices and of course link-backs to our product pages.

Expandable Seatpost Bag from Ortlieb - Available at Bike Doctor, Vncouver

First look - so here we go!

Ortlieb, quite truthfully, has a great approach to design that blends good looks to practicality and this year they have released a new Seat Pack Bag (about $199.99) which is an expandable cone-shaped bag with a roll-top closure. It is made from waterproof nylon and the bag fastens with a buckle saddle rail strap plus wide Velcro for the seatpost. It weighs a mere 15.2 ounces. Pretty light. The capacity is anywhere from 488 cubic inches to over 1000 cubic inches of cargo.

Next is the new Handlebar Accessory Pack 3.5L ($89.99). It attaches pretty easily to the handlebars, no biggy really, and the pack is expandable up to 915 cubic inches, and weighs 204 grams. The bag can be fastened by itself to the handlebar, used as an add-on pouch for the Handlebar-Pack, or worn as a shoulder or hip pack with the included adjustable strap.

Handlebar Bag from Ortlieb - New for 2017 from the Bike Doctor

So what does all this mean? Well the bags are light, practical and you can stuff them full of snacks, food, drinks, undies, soap, toothpaste, etc - basically lots of little gee-gahs perfect for bikepacking and making your adventure more comfortable.

Oh one last feature is reflective. All the Ortlieb bags have a reflective strip or element built onto the surface facing outwards of course, and from personal experience that's truly helpful, and the last thing is the bags are fastened in such a way (they come with all the parts) to push the bags proud of any cables or gears so that your bike functions smoothly and comfortable whilst the bags are fully loaded. It makes a difference. So okay? Check'em out at Bike Doctor or come on in and ask about them with one of our bikepacking experts. 

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