Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day in Vancouver yeah! Finally. It couldn't come at a better time. Why? Well we need the boost. Mum's Day always reminds us of sunny days, big smiles and English Tea; and hasn't this winter been gloomy enough? So  lets bring out the sunshine and warmer temperatures and celebrate the super Mom in everyone's family.

So if you haven't considered yet how to celebrate in your family, it might be time to check out some of these great gift ideas

70L Ortlieb Back-Roller Pannier $299.99

Classic Pannier Red/Black - Bike Doctor VancouverAs we draw nearer and nearer to the 20 degree mark on our thermometers, it is getting more challenging to ride to work wearing a backpack without becoming drenched in sweat. The solution is simple: a study rear rack equipped with panniers. If you haven’t yet heard about Ortlieb panniers, they are certainly worth looking into. The German company designs wonderfully practical and easy to use panniers in all the colours of the rainbow. Beyond being a great accessory; these panniers are all fully waterproof, have a five year warranty, and a selection of add-ons and accessories to make them suitable for whatever use, from touring to commuting, and beyond. Vancouver Pro-tip: the Back-Roller Classic is waterproof enough to be used as a dry bag for kayak trips.


XLC Cup Holder $13.99:

It is scientifically proven that people like coffee… Or at least we do. Unfortunately, we learned through experience that cycling with coffee in hand can lead to some spillage causing burns, stains, and (worst of all) loss of coffee! Imagine if you will, a solution to this problem. Does it look like a handlebar mounted cup holder? Because it sure does to us. Gifting idea: pair with banana guard to keep the women in your life well caffeinated and well fed.

Racktime Shopper ON SALE $59.99


Not every trip on the bicycle warrants a fully waterproof pannier bag that costs hundreds of dollars, sometimes all anyone needs to carry some sandwiches and a picnic blanket. For this reason exactly, Racktime invented the aesthetically pleasing, practical option for casual cycling. If it were us, we would fill this bag with flowers, maybe a bottle of wine, and give it to our mamas for Mother’s Day.

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