When the Covid-19 outbreak first happened, we made it clear to our staff that we fully endorsed any staff member to self-isolate if they wanted too. Whether it be because they were concerned for their health, whether they believed they may have come into contact with the virus, or if they needed to stay at home for family reasons.

We now are adjusting our store operations to accommodate our staff in this trying time. As a part of that:

  • We are limiting the amount of customers in the store at a time
  • Test rides are not available until future notice.
  • We have launched our online storefront and on request we now will deliver and pickup. For details and a quote please email or call us.
  • We will no longer be accepting cash payments.

It is our intention that we will continue to adapt our store policies as the situation develops. We feel confident at this time that we can continue to provide a safe environment for our customers and our staff.

Thank You