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Google review from Sarah


I have visited the shop a number of times picking up things for my commuter bike. Every time I have gone in the staff have been very friendly, happy, and willing to answer all my questions. This is the type of bike store where you can go in with a budget in mind and actually stick to it - they don't try and sell you a million accessories with what you came to buy. They carry a wide range of products and brands. The shop atmosphere is very laid back and not pretentious at all, which is refreshing. I will definitely return and continue to recommend them to my fellow commuters!

~ Sarah

E-mail from Michelle


Just wanted to say thanks to Phil and the guys at Bike Doctor for hooking me up with an awesome hybrid bike when I first moved to Vancouver. The city is so much more enjoyable by bike, and I'm so happy I purchased one from Bike Doctor! I tried several other bike shops in the area and the prices and selection at Bike Doctor were the best hands-down. Phil helped me out with picking a frame and bike style based on my preference (all-season commuting), and helped me with accessories as well. Been riding every day since. I'm really happy with my experience and plan on bringing my boyfriend to buy one from you guys too! Thanks again,

~ Michelle

Sent to Our Inbox


It took me a long time to find the right bike and it is thanks to your dedicated staff that made my decision easier.

I had been to at least 5 other well known bike shops, all of them leaving me scratching my head. Nothing seemed to feel right and everyone kept pushing me towards bikes that didn't suit my needs.

It wasn't until I set foot in your store that I felt truly comfortable. Josh is a straight forward salesperson that talks common sense about bikes. He made me feel comfortable to ask any question that I had and allowed me to try any bike I wanted to, never discriminating against one or the other, just allowing me to feel my way to the right fit for me. Every other salesperson talked specs, not fit. Josh eased my mind about frames, components and brands. I took my time in trying all the bikes I wanted to and he encouraged me to wait and come back and try again once I had narrowed down to a few bikes. It wasn't about the sale to him, it was about getting me on a bike that was right for me. I am truly thankful and very happy with my purchase from you shop.

I am not done there, Dave and Julianna were also instrumental in the sale. Dave was available to me when Josh was busy and Julianna taught me how to find the right seat. Your whole team impressed me and I have already referred another friend who has been in and is most likely going to be buying her bike from The Bike Doctor.

Thank you Josh, Dave and Julianna! "

~ M, Yardley

From the blogosphere

Out of the dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of bike stores I checked out...I ended up buying my bike from "The Bike Doctor". These guys provided the best customer service I have ever experienced from a bike store. As they specialize in "Touring bicycles" they carry the most variety of brand names and have bikes of each brand built up in every size for people with dramatic differences in height and weight to try out."


I just wanted to thank you

For providing the best service I've experienced in Vancouver. I moved to this part of Vancouver 2 years ago, and have tried out [other bike shops] during that time for basic bike service. After being rather unhappy with the service I decided to give your shop a try...I've now taken my bike to your shop twice in the past couple of months, and you easily provide the best service of any shop. The friendly, relaxed people at the front of your store, the phone calls to let me know that my bike is ready for pick-up, and your mechanics... all these things make your shop stand out."

~ PC, Vancouver, BC

Hello Bike Doctor owner

(Sorry I didn't catch your name) but other than that little detail, I wanted to let you know that your staff was amazing. I just bought a beautiful KHS road bike and I was in several times, in and out, and each time I found your staff to be knowledgeable, friendly, but mostly they were very relaxed and accommodating. Just thought I would let you know, something is going right! I'll be enjoying my ride on my new beauty (known as Bette) trying to forget that we live this rainforest known as Vancouver. Thanks again."

~ JM, Vancouver, BC

I am a chiropractor who is trying to learn bike repair and become a 'Bike Doctor'

I was looking for a Park chain checker tool and a Vittoria home trainer tire, so I sent a message to several local bike shops based on past experience. I got the best response from your shop--not just prices and stock availability, but great, detailed advice.

I rushed over after work and all the guys in the store were friendly and helpful, and together found my special order part, plus another part that was set aside for me. Plus, that same t-shirt that you were wearing in that Momentum magazine article about you and your store. I am a chiropractor and the fact that many folks don't consider chiro's to be "real" doctors necessitated that t-shirt purchase!

So thanks again for the follow-up. It was yet another positive experience for me dealing with the Bike Doctor."

~ P, North Vancouver, BC

The Bike Doctor was great! I hadn't had a bike since I was like 12 so I had no clue what I was looking for or needed. The staff were super friendly...incredibly knowledgeable and let me take my time deciding on what I wanted..."

~ KS, Vancouver, BC

for your generous support for the first Velopalooza bicycle festival. The festival was a success and we were encouraged and inspired by the widespread acceptance and approval we found. It could not have happened without the assistance of the Bike Doctor as well as our other sponsors, performers, volunteers and participants. Thank you one and all."

~ Jamie Ollivier, Velopalooza Sponsor & Partner Liaison

We'll mention Bike Doctor to anyone who asks

How did we know that you had Bakfliets-style trailer bikes? From being in your shop and picking up the Momentum mag in there - it had a feature on family biking.

We've enjoyed being on campus but the kids hate the stroller more and more so our reach shortened. No more walks down to Wreck Beach because it's a 30 minute walk there (was 10 minutes stroller) plus we wanted to explore Pacific Spirit Park which is best done by bike with small kids. I buy groceries on 10th Ave. so it all made sense.

Then I remembered the one in your shop -- that was that -- SOLD! Yes, we will work up the courage to come in for a tune-up -- 1 hour there and 1 hour back! That's a heavy bike!

Yes, we will mention the shop to anyone that asks. I'm sure in summer it'll come up in conversation - people can't stop smiling when they see us ride by...thanks again for all of your assistance."

~ TL, Vancouver, BC