Shipping & Orders

I can't find a product that I am looking for on the website.

Our website is still new and we haven't yet been able to get all of our products on display. If you don't see what you are looking for simply fill in the product request form and we will contact you with availability.

Can I pick my order up from the store?

Absolutely, when we contact you regarding shipping you can let us know that you would like to do this. Then a member of the sales team will inform you by phone or e-mail when your order is ready to collect. Plus this way you don't have to pay any extra shipping fees!

I want to know how much shipping will cost before I place my order

Not a problem. As mentioned previously shipping costs vary drastically depending on the item(s)in your order. The rough cost to ship a bicycle within the United States at ground rate is $90 depending on the service you require. Feel free to send us an e-mail with the products you are interested in and we will get back to you promptly with an estimate.

Is there a cheaper way of shipping?

We assess each order individually and work out the best way to send it. If there is a more efficient way to package something that will save money, then we will do it. We never aim to make a profit from shipping. But of course if you can, picking up in person is completely free.

Which delivery service do you use?

We use Canada Post for shipments within Canada and everywhere outside of the U.S. For shipments to the United States we use Fedex.

Who pays the cost if I need to return an item(s)?

Shipping costs for returns, exchanges or warranty will be at the expense of the customer, unless it is an incorrect item that was sent by Bike Doctor.

General FAQ's

Do you sell used bikes?

No, but our well-built new and sale bicycles start as low as $300, plus they include a free complete tune-up, a one-year warranty, and free minor adjustments for a year.

Do you do special orders?

Yes. We draw on our longstanding relationship with major brand suppliers for your best price and service. Locate the brand and item you need online, then contact us to order it on your behalf. The convenience of online, the assurance of your local bike shop.

How much for a tune-up?

A Complete Tune-Up costs $65* and takes about a day. We inspect and adjust almost everything on your bike to ensure it's is safe and comfortable to ride:

  • Drivetrain inspection; wipe and oil
  • Brake system adjust & lube (pads, calipers)
  • Gearing system adjust & lube (shifter, derailleurs)
  • Minor wheel truing (straightening), check rims, spokes, hubs
  • Handlebar, stem, headset adjust
  • Seat, grips, accessories tighten
  • Bottom bracket and bearings adjust
  • Wipe clean, tire-fill and 30-day warranty
* Rates effective as of February 2015 and may change. Rates don't include cost of parts or accessories.

Will you fix my flat tire?

Yes. It costs about $16 which includes labour and a standard inner tube. It takes about ten minutes, depending on how busy the store is. No, we won't patch the old tube - but we'll give it back to you so you can re-use it.

Could you work on my bike... right now?

That depends on what you need done. We can usually do flat tire fixes, minor adjustments, and some accessory installations in about an hour. Tune-ups, major adjustments and fussy accessory installs can take longer. Service times vary with time of day and time of year.

What's included if I buy a new bike?

  • A bicycle that has been assembled, tested and tuned by a professional bike mechanic
  • A basic bike fitting to ensure you are comfortably positioned on the bike
  • Free installation of any accessories you purchase at the same time as the bike
  • Complete tune-up within two months of purchase
  • Free service for up to one year after purchase
  • Manufacturer's warranty which we help you with if you ever need it
  • An owner's manual, cycling map, and jargon-free advice and information
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling from supporting a local business that supports local cycling

What is your warranty policy on new bikes?

Manufacturer's warranty: We guarantee any part on the bike that we examine and find to be defective in workmanship or materials within one year of purchase. Specifically, we will repair/replace (at our discretion) those defective parts with no labour charge within one year of date of purchase, with receipt.

The small print: The warranty does not apply if the bicycle has been subject to accident, abuse, damage, neglect, major owner modifications, and/or commercial or competitive use. The warranty does not apply to normal wear on parts such as brake pads, tires, tubes, chains, cables or grease. Parts needing replacement or adjustment due to normal wear-and-tear, abuse, neglect may be done at standard labour cost. Failure to bring the bike in for its 60-day Complete Tune-up may void this.

Are you open stat holidays?

Good question. We plan to stay open for all stat holidays except the following: Labour Day - Monday, September 7 / 2015 Christmas Day - Friday, December 25 / 2015 New Years Day - Friday, January 1 / 2016